Inspiration for your Perspiration – 7/21/2013 Rock Star

Today’s post is couresy of Darlena you can find her at 

Run Find your Happy Pace

Today I am totally hijacking Inspiration for your Perspiration in honor of my sister, and I don’t feel guilty about that at all!  Time to send up some praise!!

I am sooo proud to say that my sister has just completed her radiation treatments for breast cancer.  I was not able to be with her through this because she lives several hours and states away.  I have tried to support her with prayer, gifts and messages of love.  My family has been touched by breast cancer multiple times.  We have been lucky that with early detection all three of my relatives (mother, aunt and sister) have made it though treatment and survived.  In October I am running Komen for a Cure in Virginia Beach in honor of all of them.

Please remember to get your yearly mammogram, it just might save your life 🙂

So here is to my big sister.  She’s a total Rock star!



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