Inspiration For Your Perspiration was inspired by my personal walk with God.  I am a christian, mother of 3, military wife and a blogger.  My main blog is based around finding my happy pace in running and life  www.runfindyourhappypace.com

One night while my husband was deployed and I wasn’t sleeping well for the umpteenth night, I was inspired to connect my fitness with my walk with God.  It was one of those times when I felt the strong sense that God was pushing me to do it.  In fact that very night I wrote my first official “Inspiration for your Perspiration” post and committed to do my best to write one Sunday blog every week.  I share my journey, good times and bad publicly with the world.

I’m not going to lie it was a leap of faith for me to not only commit, but to take the chance of loosing blog followers by expressing my beliefs publicly.  However, I put my trust and faith in God and believe that the commitment has blessed me many times over.  God has to be first.  When all is said and done no one will care how many miles I ran or how many giveaways I did.  Life should be about living for Him.  God is good and my hope is to inspire people to start, continue or improve their personal walk with Him.

Now I am inviting other fitness bloggers to do the same and to bring their faith out to the forefront publicly .

This is “Inspiration For Your Perspiration” a fellowship of christian based fitness bloggers.

“Welcome and I hope you enjoy sharing our walk with God” – Darlena 

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